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The Mortgage Centre is Centered on You!

As one of Canada's most established mortgage brokerage networks, we're dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to make a well informed decision on your mortgage financing needs.

Our mortgage specialists update their knowledge of the current market trends, rates, and regulations regularly, allowing them to provide you with sound guidance.

Your time is a precious commodity, and we're experts in taking care of the financing details on your behalf - with your best interest in mind. We shop your mortgage options to a number of leading Canadian financial institutions, many of which Canadians have trusted for generations, and find the mortgage that's best for you. Plus, we have access to broker-only mortgage lenders, which could offer mortgage rates and features that you may not otherwise have access to.

What's more, we'll take your needs and goals into consideration when shopping for your mortgage. We understand that mortgages aren't a one size fits all proposition. Using our exclusive Mortgage Market technology, we're able to factor in a number of lifestyle and financial variables to search for the mortgage that's exactly right for you.

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The Mortgage Centre (Kamloops Office) — owned and operated by Mortgage West Brokers Inc. — is one of nearly 100 Mortgage Centre Franchise offices across Canada. Each franchise is independently owned and operated. In February of 1991, we first opened our doors in Kamloops to provide what was then, a unique mortgage service to borrowers in British Columbia. We have since expanded our Mortgage Origination service to the Province of Alberta.

Our objective was, and is, simple — we are committed to providing you with the best available mortgage for your specific needs, at the best available rate — and we are confident we can outperform your present bank or lending institution.

About Tom Ignatzi

Tom joined The Mortgage Centre in Kamloops in May 2015 after a successful 30 year career in consumer finance and banking industry.

In 1981, Tom joined Avco Financial Services in Kelowna BC providing consumer loans and mortgages to hundreds of clients throughout British Columbia. Back then career transfers were frequent involving working in many towns and cities all over the province.

"The ability work and live in communities all over this great province provided a fantastic perspective and appreciation for diverse communities, economies, its people and cultures.

"Growing up in a small town I found it natural to relate to people no matter where they come from and who they are. More importantly serving clients to improve their financial challenges in life was a heartfelt gratifying experience."

Tom successfully completed British Columbia professional mortgage broker registration and is a active member of the Mortgage Broker Association of British Columbia.

"Being a professional mortgage broker is unique opportunity to provide best mortgage advice, access to best mortgage rates and extensive mortgage products." "Mortgage brokers have negotiating power which eliminates wading through complex information and avoids unnecessary risk by helping clients make informed decisions about their mortgage." 

"As a mortgage specialist with The Mortgage Centre Canada, I can't believe the vast array of mortgage products and solutions available for my clients". 

Tom resides in Kelowna BC and services all communities within British Columbia. 

Email Tom: tom@bestmortgageadvice.ca


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